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A Drushek


The origins of the Drushek appear to be lost in the mists of time. They were the first sentient species to evolve in Kryslan and appear to have early on taken upon themselves a stewardship role for the world.


The Drushek originally inhabited most of the primary continent of Kryslan west of the Great Seas. Over the ages, they were eventually driven to take refure on an island off the coast of the mainland until it was invaded by the Varalsans. Many of Drushek escaped the island and now wander the continent, teaching Shekstan (their esoteric, mystical philosophy) to anyone who comes to them with an interest (i.e., they are not evangelical).


Drushek stand about three feet tall, have large muscular tails, and travel most effectively by leaping great distances. They have a large mane of hair, a tuft at the end of the tail, bushy eyebrows, and a distinctive beard; other than that, they are hairless. They have no claws or sharp teeth or other natural defenses (other than their leaping ability). They also lack any vocal apparatus such as vocal cords, a syrinx, etc.


Dritok , the voiceless language evolved in the earliest times of Drushek prehistory due to their need for communication as wandering tribes of Drushek coalesced and became settled. The villages provided protection and attracted other Drushek, until Drushek civilization became established. In addition to the vocalizations, the language employs a number of gestures to denote syntax.


The main Drushek settlement before the Varalsan take-over of their island (known as Ulakstan "The Isolated Land" in Umod) was known as The Citadel. This was not one building, as the name might imply, but a collection of buildings all of which were joined over successive generations. The ability of the Drushek to manipulate rock and earth into forms using their knowledge of the magnetic and energy lines criss-crossing Kryslan gave The Citadel a unique, organic appearance.


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