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Introduction to the Geography of Kryslan


Kryslan is a continent is one of the primary continents. Other continents are known to exist, but these have very little contact with Kryslan. The waves of Uhanid migration, which the Drushek and Tylnor term "invasions," into Kryslan were the last contact with other continents.


Kryslan is roughly divided into three section -- Western, Eastern, and Southern -- with the waters of the great rift sea being the major delineator of this arrangement.


Physical Geography

  • Bodies of Water

  • Land Masses

  • Mountain Ranges

Political Geography

Western Lands

  • Aylenak

  • Istaksa

  • Maralsa

  • Parelin

  • Tylnorak

  • Varalsa

Eastern Lands

  • Aaran

  • Armidon

  • Boroda

  • Elas

  • Northern Wastes

Southern Lands


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