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Religion and Mythology

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Religion is inextricably intertwined with mythology for some beings; however, the spirituality of other groups is surprisingly devoid of the ritual and stories inherent with a mythological system. This is the reason for separating Religion from Mythology. "Religion" will deal with the ritual and other outward signs and symbols of the inhabitants of Kryslan; "Mythology" will examine the stories and legends of specific groups. Where there is a definite historical basis for a myth or legend, this will be dealt with in a separate article in the KryslanWiki.


Religions of Kryslan


Each of the main cultural groups have definite religious rites, symbols, and paraphenalia that it employs.



Mythology of Kryslan


There are several levels of mythology existing in Kryslan. There is a pan-Kryslan mythology concerning the creation of the world itself which is surprisingly uniform throughout the three main cultural groups. Then there are a number of sub-mythologies which each sentient race holds as its own.


The Creation Myth of the Tylnor


The creation myth of the Tylnor takes many narrative forms. This is the beginning of one creation myth in the form of a chant:



Sing, O Goddess, of the light that shone so brightly.

The harsh light, the unending light.

Praise Mognokum, who braved to enter the light and created that which nurtures all living beings.

Praise Mognokum, who severed his left hand to build our world.

From his palm, he fashioned the land.

From his blood, he fashioned the seas.

From his knucklebones, he fashioned living creatures.

From his thumb, he fashioned the first Tylnor to roam the land.

The Tylnor roamed the land under the light.

The harsh light, the unending light.

The Tylnor suffered, and Mognokum was moved.

The Tylnor were in pain, and Mognokum took pity on them.

Praise Mognokum, who shaved his great locks.

Praise Mognokum, who wove his long hair.

From his hair, he fashioned the Shawl.

From his hair, he wove the great covering.

Mognokum took pity on his people and covered the world.

Mognokum smiled upon on his people and shaded them from the light.

The harsh light, the unending light.

We name him Mognokum: Lord of the First Night.

Praise him!


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