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Shekstan is the name of the philosophy originally espoused by the Drushek. It has grown to include adherents from both the Tylnor and Uhanid races.


Meaning of "Shekstan"


The word for this philosophy in Dritok is cq.qs.tx:n. This word can be broken down into:


cq. = root meaning "quiet, still, in equilibrium" (encountered in the term tr'w.cq. "Drushek")

qs.tx:n. = compound morpheme meaning "mind, origin of one's mental states". This, in turn, can

be broken down into:

qs. = a bound morpheme/root having to do with mental states (compare h:.qs.p*. "pleased,


tx:n. = a free morpheme/root meaning "origin, source"


The literal meaning of the word then is "Quiet mind" or, even better, something like "Mental states in equilibrium."


Shekstan in Tylnor Culture


Shekstan is the Tylnor pronunciation of the Drushek word cq.qs.tx:n. It has come into general colloquial use to mean a mistaken idea or wrong assumption. If one thinks they put their cloak in one place and it is not there, they could say, "That was shekstan." As can be seen from this progression, the status of the Drushek in Tylnor society has eroded considerably.


Origin of Shekstan


As has been stated, Shekstan was originally a Drushek philosophical school.


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