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The Tylnor


The Tylnor are the second indigenous sentient species to evolve in Kryslan (after the Drushek). They have a rich history and are proud of their heritage.


Meaning of the name "Tylnor"


Tylnor is the proper plural form of the singular tuld meaning "nomad" in the language of the Tylnor, Umod. The name comes from the fact that originally all the Tylnor were indeed nomads, moving about the northwestern foothills, grasslands, and mountains. Moving their herds of gorbok with them, the Tylnor were a very mobile people. They were fierce fighters, but did not attack without provocation. A tuld considered his or her life to be the best in Kryslan: moving with the herds with no fixed home.



The real historical period of Tylnor civilization begins with Fylga Dorumirgom. He was the woldum of his band, the first among the three equal leaders of Tylnor tribes. A note on the makeup of the leadership would be useful:


Tylnor Government

The leadership of a Tylnor tribe (later nation) was formed by a tronulumdad which literally means "Council of the Three" from tronu "The Three" and umdad "royal/divine council" (the -l- is added to separate the vowels). The three offices of the tronulumdad are: brogan, woldum, and morgan. The "first among equals" is the woldum (Compare the office of Chief Justice on the United States Supreme Court). The brogan is elected or appointed by the aristocracy. The morgan is elected by the general populace. The woldum must be mutually agreed upon by both the brogan and morgan. ALL decisions must be unanimous among the three, although the woldum does exercise some influence over the other two in some cases. This is the way in which the system is meant to work ideally. In reality, there have been some tribes which have done away with the system entirely, instead being ruled by a hereditary king or garan "protector"


It should be noted that the Tronulumdad is only a secular authority. The hierarchy of the Temple at Kavok rules supreme in matters of a spiritual nature (and also exercises a great amount of influence in secular affairs). The Temple, when not presided over by an Abbot-Regent, is under the control of manifestations of Mognokum and his divine consort Galyluma.


Tylnor history is overshadowed by two names: Fylga Dorumirgom and Bruhyl GaHara.






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