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The Uhanid cultures of Kryslan are the most diverse of the three sentient species. They are also not native to the continent of Kryslan, having come by boat from several different directions on the planet. There are also various theories about when they arrived on Kryslan. Their initial migrations came in three distinct waves (discussed below); however, after the final wave approximately 1500 cycles ago, no other contact with the Uhanid homelands was initiated or greeted. Whether this means that the original culture which gave birth to the Uhanid has died out is not known.


Uhanid Cultures

There are ...... distinct cultures which evolved from the original waves of Uhanid "colonists":


  • Ash-ka'el and Ash-ka'or known collectively as (Wave I)
  • Varalsan and Elasin known collectively as .... (Wave II)
  • Armidonian and .... known collective as .... (Wave III)


Relations with Other Beings

The Tylnor relations with various Uhanid cultures has been strained since the Tylnor drove the Uhanid peoples from the plains of western Kryslan. The Tylnor word for Uhanid beings, in general, is "Ersylan" , Umod for "unwanted, unwelcomed"  

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