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Valadyn Desert

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Valadyn Desert


The Valadyn Desert is located in the southeast quadrant of Kryslan bordered by Drokoda to the east, the Munwal Mountains to the north and west. The area is inhabited by the Ash-ka'el and Ash-ka'or.




The prevailing winds coming from the west must pass over the Munwal Mountains before reaching the Valadyn Desert. The fertile fields of Kadish receive the bulk of the rainfall, leaving little to water the sands of the Valadyn.


The driest part of the desert is the central area, equidistant from the northern and southern ranges of the Munwal Mountains. There are some arable valleys bordering the desert; however, the Ash-ka'el and Ash-ka'or typically do not live in settlements or farm (although some of the southernmost Ash-ka'or   tribes have begun forming villages with both livestock and agriculture.


Flora and Fauna


On first inspection, the desert would appear to be a lifeless wasteland. It is shunned by inhabitants of Elas and Drokoda alike. This view of the desert is certainly applicable to the innermost region; however, along the edges and in pockets, life does manage to exist.


There are a number oases scattered throughout the Valadyn. The exact locations are known only to the nomadic tribes that make the desert their home, and they guard this secret tightly. Small outposts are normally stationed at each location manned by a constantly changing guard. There are trees which provide fruit (which is dried for the journeys across the sands) and reeds that provide basket-weaving materials. Blind fish are also known to swim in several oasis pools, these particular ponds are fed by flooded underground caves which seep to the surface.


One indigenous creature of the Valadyn is the hiz naradul, a large reptilian biped. These were originally domesticated as pack animals and steeds by the nomadic tribes. These animals are now used in Drokoda, Kadish, and the Belashic Empire.


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